Update from the other side

Update from the other side

 Hi again, it's been a minute! Nearly 6 months actually, since I initially created this blog and promised to regularly update you about business news and activities that could help inspire your own career and artistic endeavors. But I had not fully realised then that new babies could be so different from each other. My littlest one has called the shots around here and decided that my art business needed to go fully on hold while he made his adjustments to this new world.

 So a big thank you for all your patience and sticking by me as I create a new schedule to accommodate the new addition to our family. Maybe any of you readers could share any stories you have about your adjustments to parenthood?

 I plan to be sending the newsletter tri-monthly from now on so stay tuned for the new one coming out in March, with a special gift to show my appreciation for your continued support.

Happy creating tribe! Stay classy

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