During my formative years, I discovered a unique talent for drawing that would go on to define my life as an adult. My early years were marked by an extraordinary connection to the world of visuals, this became an intrinsic part of my identity, a neurological imprint that would guide my journey into adulthood and shape my identity, becoming an integral part of who I am today.

As a response to a profound personal experience during adolescence, my path led me deep into the realms of metaphysics. This exploration has significantly influenced my work. In my artistic creations, I employ symbolic imagery to tap into the subconscious, offering a source of daily upliftment and motivation, whether in your home or business environment.

My belief in the psychological power of art goes beyond personal expression. I see it as a catalyst for community empowerment, a vehicle for driving social change, and a potent tool for personal growth. In recent years, I've dedicated myself to refining my body of work, merging the technical skills I've honed as an international tattoo artist with a deep commitment to providing a meaningful service for my audience."




My work mainly revolves around figurative art, focusing on the beauty of human and animal forms. I like to explore various artistic styles, combining realism and illustrative techniques to create dynamic contrasts in texture and color.

I use a diverse spectrum of materials in my art, from traditional tools like pencils alongside the limitless potential of digital mediums. I have a special fondness for oils because of their smooth blends and rich opacity. I often will take a traditional painting into the digital realm, where I can refine and rework it, adding new qualities to the piece.

This mix of traditional and digital techniques gives my art a versatile edge, allowing for various printing possibilities to suit different tastes and preferences.





Gemma Stylz, originally from Lambeth, London, born in 1982, and was raised near Brighton in Sussex. During her youth, she was passionate about skateboarding and dedicated to her art studies. Today, she resides in rural New South Wales, Australia, where she wholeheartedly pursues her career as an artist, all while managing a bustling household that includes two kids, two dogs, and an assortment of farm animals.

Gemma's artistic journey is characterized by its breadth. She has a preference for working with oils and has amassed a substantial portfolio of traditional pencil works on paper. In the digital sphere, she utilizes software such as Photoshop, Procreate, and Clip Studio, creating captivating pieces, some of which are now part of her emerging NFT collection.

Her artistic focus centers on figurative illustration, wildlife, and portraiture, characterized by intricate detailing. This distinctive style has been cultivated over two decades, during which Gemma established herself as a respected international tattoo artist, with experiences spanning New Zealand, Japan, Canada, the USA, Australia, and the UK.

Previously, Gemma owned and operated Great Lakes Studio in NSW, but her career has since evolved, with a renewed dedication to fine art and freelance services. In the UK, she completed two Higher National Diplomas in Fine Art and Illustration with merits and distinctions, graduating in 2006. Gemma's works now reside in private collections worldwide, a testament to her commitment to consistently exceeding client expectations. She remains deeply passionate about pushing her artistic boundaries and embracing new creative challenges.



Qualifications include:

  • GNVQ Media Studies, 2000
  • National Diploma in Fine Arts, 2003
  • Higher National Diploma in Graphics and Illustration, 2005
  • Tattooists apprenticeship, Cornwall England 2005 - 07
  • Extended practical and Cultural studies, Ontario Canada, 2009
  • Advanced painting and tattooing workshops, Oregon USA, 2009 & 11
  • Arts and Cultural studies, Tokyo & Osaka, Japan 2011 & 12
  • Cert II in small business management, 2021




  • ‘Lucid’, themed solo show. Muse gallery, Nabiac. 2023
  • ‘Midsole’, Ambush gallery, Sydney. 2022
  • Solo show, Edge gallery, Taree, NSW. 2022
  • Krambach bistro, curated solo show - 2020
  • Killabakh Day in the Country, NSW - 2018 &  2019
  • KRVNM ‘resurrection’, Cranium Annual Exhibition, Sydney - 2019
  • Nabiac Art Show - 2019, 2020 & 2022
  • Great Lakes Art Society Annual Exhibition - 2019
  • ‘Inspire’, Krambach NSW - 2019
  • '12x12', Stockrooms Gallery, Melbourne VIC - 2018
  • ‘Botanical’, Greenhouse Café Exhibition, Nabiac, NSW - 2018 
  • ‘Objectified’, Ambush Gallery Sydney - 2018
  • ‘Coalescence’, Gloucester Gallery Joint Exhibition NSW - 2018
  • Great Lakes Studio Solo exhibition, Tuncurry NSW 2015 - 2017
  • Great Lakes art society, Forster NSW - 2015
  • ‘Cranium’, Sydney - 2015 
  • ‘Satori’, Tora Sumi Balmain Sydney - 2014 Solo Exhibition)
  • TattooArt Exhibition, Sydney - 2014
  • Sydney Tattoo Expo - 2012, 2013 & 2014
  • Melbourne 'NIX' Expo - 2013
  • International Tattoo Expo, Hamilton, NZ - 2012 & 2013
  • Tattoo and Arts Festival, New Plymouth, NZ 2011, 2012 & 2014
  • Rites of Passage, Melbourne - 2011 & 2012
  • Tattoo Jam, Doncaster England - 2010
  • Public Mural Unveiling, Worthing West Sussex, UK - 2007
  • Visual Centre for Emerging Artists, Islington London - 2005




 Nabiac Art Show, NSW, Australia - 2019 & 2020

  • 1st Place, Works on Canvas (2020)
  • 1st Place, Works on Canvas (2019)
  • Highly Commended (2019)
  • Peoples Choice (2019)

Nabiac Art Show, NSW, Australia - 2017

  • 1st Place, Drawing / Works on Paper

Surf N’ Ink, Surfers Paradise, QLD Australia- 2015

  • 2nd Place, Best Design for Hand

Nelson Mini Arts Festival, Nelson, New Zealand - 2010

  • Best Portrait Award

Brighton Tattoo and Arts Festival, East Sussex, UK - 2008

  • 1st place, Best Flash Design




  • Grants Pass, Oregan USA
  • Banff & Ontario, Canada 
  • Tokyo and Osaka, Japan
  • Hamilton and Nelson, NZ
  • Cornwall, greater London and Brighton, UK
  • Australia wide